Why You Should Be On Google+ (And How-To Get Started) [Infographic]

Being active on Google+ is one of the best ways to build your online presence. Google+ has over 400 million users worldwide and is rapidly becoming a dominant social networking platform. More importantly, Google+ is Google’s social layer for all of its online platforms.

Some of the key reasons you should invest time and effort to leverage Google+ are:

  • It is at the heart of social search; Google takes cues from Google+ activity to influence search engine rankings. Active engagement on Google+ will positively impact your search engine results; this alone is reason enough to actively engage!
  • Google+ is a critical element in establishing Google Authorship. By linking your content to your Google+ profile, you are increasing your credibility or “Author Rank”, which is used by Google as a ranking signal.
  • It makes it easier to reach your targeted influencers by allowing you to share your content more efficiently. This increases your online visibility and ultimately drives more traffic to your web site.
  • Google+ impacts your local search presence once you claim and establish your Google+ page.
  • It has number of useful features such as Google Hangouts, which allows for live video calls with up to ten participants.
  • It integrates seamlessly with other Google platforms such as YouTube and Google Maps.

Ultimately, taking advantage of what Google+ has to offer will result in tangible business benefits. So how do you get started?

The infographic below does a good job of describing the first steps.

  • Creating and linking your profile
  • Finding topics and people to connect with
  • Managing circles and engaging in conversations
  • Joining communities, events, and hangouts

Google+ is becoming a powerhouse within the online marketing realm. The sooner you understand how to take advantage of its capabilities and benefits, the sooner you will increase your visibility and credibility with your target audiences and Google.