Video has become an essential part of any online marketing strategy. Videos attract and engage prospective customer and studies show that search engine rankings and conversion increases when web pages contain videos.

But how do you make videos that are compelling to your target audience and encourage them to take follow-up action?

Think of your viewer as a 5-year old.

Kids have short attention spans—it’s difficult to get their attention AND keep them interested.

Think about your prospective customers in these same terms. They are researching products or services to serve their needs at home or at work. They are often pressed for time. They have questions and they are looking for answers.  And just like children, if the content doesn’t “grab them” then you are going to lose them. If you can create compelling and informative videos that capture viewers then you’re on your way to executing an effective content strategy.

Here are 6 ways that videos help in optimizing your business development process.

1)      Videos Provide Quick and Easy Access to Information


Kids get bored easily or frustrated when they can’t figure things out. Your website visitors are the same. They don’t want to spend time hunting. A video on a homepage or landing page gives searchers immediate access to relevant information.

But make sure your video grabs the viewer’s attention. Start speaking within the first 3 seconds. Videos with long intros will lose people. Keep it short and your viewers will keep watching.

2)      Videos Command Attention


It’s hard to keep children focused. It’s equally difficult to keep prospects interested in what you have to say about your business. Be aware of the impact your non-verbal communication skills can have on your message. Studies show that the human brain is drawn to faces, voices, emotions, and movement. Videos that incorporate these elements work well in engaging viewers.

3)      Videos Answer Questions Faster


5-year olds have a lot of questions—and so do your potential customers. Effective videos make it easier for prospects to understand how your products or services will benefit them, and eliminate perceived risk.

Your video should address common questions and eliminate barriers to a sale. It should make it easy for your viewers to take the next step in the decision-making process.

4)      Videos Tell Your Story


Storytelling isn’t just for kids. We all thrive on stories. Businesses that focus on their company story can connect with their customers on a personal level.

Video is one of the most effective platforms for telling your company’s story. Your video should share your philosophy; why you exist. It is the “why” that allows you to connect emotionally with potential buyers.

5)      Videos Quickly Build Trust


Children form opinions fast—and so do adults. We rely heavily on first impressions and those first few moments shape lasting opinions. A well-executed video will shed a positive light on your company which goes a long way in creating a favourable perception in the mind of the prospect.

6)      Videos Build a Loyal Following


When kids learn something new, they tell everyone! Customers also exhibit this behaviour. When we have a good buying experience, we want others to know about it. A simple way to spread the word is through sharing videos – it makes it easy for your loyal customers to promote you through their online network.

Producing videos is not difficult or cost prohibitive for small and mid-sized businesses, so developing attention grabbing, compelling videos should be central to your online content strategy. Ultimately, this medium is a powerful tool for getting found online, creating a connection and credibility with target prospects, and a simple way for your loyal followers to let everyone know how great you are.


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