Great Content Distribution is Essential for Online Marketing

“Content is king, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants.  It’s not nearly enough to create a good piece of content. You have to understand how content spreads across the web.” – Jonathan Perelman of BuzzFeed.

This quote has been gaining popularity in the online marketing world, and for a good reason. The queen is a very powerful force when it comes to content marketing. You must develop value-based content to be successful online. However, you must also pay close attention to your content distribution efforts.

If you have made the commitment to being a content developing organization, then you are half way there. If you have not, then you must understand why it’s so important.

Once you are consistently developing content, you need to focus on distribution; strategic distribution is the key to sharing your communication most effectively, and maximizing your visibility and authority through your online marketing efforts.

A well-developed online marketing plan details how to share content in order to reach the right audiences, with the right message, and at the right time. A content strategy must therefore include:

– Content ideas and messages
– Distribution methods
– Publishing times and cycles

Effective content distribution requires knowledge of the major social media platforms and how to communicate messages effectively across them. You must immerse yourself in these platforms, monitor the topics that are relevant to your target audience, and use these channels to disseminate your ideas and knowledge and inspire a dialogue.

Getting content distribution right requires a mix of research and testing; publishing times and distribution cycles have to be tailored to the habits of your prospects and customers.

Content marketing isn’t just about creating great content; it’s also about distributing that content for maximum results. If you are ready to ready to make the commitment to becoming a content developing organization, make sure you place serious consideration on your content distribution strategy.

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Ben Molfetta