The 14 Most Important Online Marketing Metrics [Infographic]

Online marketing offers access to an unprecedented amount of analytical data.
The ability to closely monitor key performance metrics, in real-time, allows us to fine-tune search engine optimization (SEO) practices, test email campaigns, adjust online advertising tactics, gauge the effectiveness of content marketing efforts, etc.
When initially engaging in online marketing analytics, it’s best to start with a macro view and concentrate on general trends. Once you have gained insight at this higher-level, you can begin mining for nuanced pieces of information – nuggets – that can make a big difference in your online marketing results and ROI.
Even though there is a significant amount of data readily available, it’s important to measure and analyze the right things.
Certain metrics play a key role in determining success, and they can be grouped into three categories:

  • Traffic Generation
  • Conversion
  • Revenue

Check out the infographic “14 Most Important Online Metrics” for information about the key performance indicators you should be monitoring. Don’t fly blind – base your online marketing tactics on good, solid data.
14 most important metrics
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