Do You Want to Get Noticed by Google?

When we made a business decision to specialize in online marketing five years ago, we also made a bet that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would evolve from being “technical-driven” to “marketing-driven”.
As marketing strategists, we believed producing valuable, education-based content, and disseminating that content through multiple channels, would eventually be the best way to establish credibility with search engines; and ultimately increase search engine rankings.
At that time, “SEOs” were the dominant players in search engine optimization. These were primarily technical people whose expertise was figuring out how to exploit loopholes in search engines. During this time, SEO tactics were more about gaming the search algorithms as opposed to addressing the informational needs of the target audience.
Get Noticed By GoogleThankfully our bet paid off. The search engines have evolved to the extent that 1) it’s becoming increasingly difficult to game them, and if you try and get caught, you get severely penalized, and 2) search algorithms favour organizations that build valuable content, in varied formats such as video, and are active in sharing that content through means such as blogging and social networking.
Phil Frost, COO of Main Street ROI, recently posted a blog titled “SEO 101: The 3 Keys to Rank No. 1 in Google”. Phil describes fundamental best practices, or “must-do’s” for getting traction with search engines.
You will notice these are good old Marketing 101 activities; research, developing quality content, using various communications channels to communicate consistently with your target audience. This re-enforces the idea that in order to gain visibility and credibility with the search engines, you must be first and foremost be marketing-driven.
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