You have probably heard the term “SEO” mentioned a lot lately. And you have likely come to realize if you are not showing up on page one for important searches – searches your prospects are doing to find companies like yours – you are likely missing out on sales opportunities.
Ranking well with search engines like Google isn’t an accident. First you need to think like a searcher and make sure your web site structure and content deliver the best possible results to their queries. This is referred to as on-page search engine optimization.
You also need to encourage third parties to point their audiences to your content. This gives search engines the signal that you are a well-respected source of information. This is “off-page” SEO.
Companies that rank well with search engines do a very good job of optimizing their sites for search, and making their content compelling enough for external sources to link to it. A concerted effort in these areas, over time, will get you ranking where prospects will notice you – on page one.
The following infographic provides an overview of the on-page and off-page attributes the search engines use to determine who will rank in the top positions.
You can use this infographic as a cheat sheet to gauge what you are doing well, and what you are doing poorly, in your quest to be found online.

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