One of Core’s co-founders, Ben Molfetta, was recently featured by Dale Carnegie Training in their Accelerated Talent Development blog and newsletter!

Ben discussed how Core Online Marketing fosters its team of millennial generation employees, maximizing their potential and motivating them to drive the success of the company.

Millennials are now entering the workforce in droves – it’s time to embrace the new generation of employees and create a workplace culture that they can thrive in.

We encourage you to read Accelerated Talent Development’s blog featuring Ben, “Millennials are Your Future – 5 Ways to Embrace Them”.

In the blog, they break down the following 5 ways to nurture millennial employees:

  1. Treat them as a team and give them a goal they believe will make a difference.
  2. Give them a goal line – and the starting position.
  3. Paint the picture of success vibrantly.
  4. Listen, nudge, encourage, and question.
  5. Reward success collectively along the way.

Ben Molfetta on Leading Millennials

“All the literature today tells us that young people are motivated by things that we weren’t necessarily motivated by 10 or 15 or 20 years ago. One of the things – and it’s very apparent to me as a business owner and as a leader – is that young people are motivated by having a feeling of contributing.”

Our business hires many capable, ambitious, and intelligent young people who are ready to make an impact. They are well-versed in the basics of the online space and eagerly take up new information about online marketing best practices.

>> Core Online Marketing continues to achieve new levels of success with support of its enthusiastic team of millennials. Contact us to talk about how our dynamic team can drive more online leads for your business.

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