Why Google+ Is Important For Your Business

In order for your business to optimize your Google ranking, you need to make sure your Google Places and Google+ business profiles are up to date and optimized.

Google Places for Business

When a potential customer is searching for a product or service online, Google provides listings for relevant businesses that are located near the searcher’s physical location. This is why you must claim your Google Places listing by providing Google with specific location details about your business. For information about claiming your Google Places listing, go to Google Places for Business.

Google+ for Business

Google + is a social network; Google’s answer to Facebook.  You can develop a Google+ page for your business, which allows you to include your company profile and post content such as text, videos and images. For more information about setting up a Google + page, go to the Google+ Business page. Maintaining an active presence on your Google+ account by engaging your communities of interest with relevant content will expand your reach and make your business more credible.

A Google Places listing, linked with an optimized Google+ page, can have a significant, positive impact on your search engine rankings and online visibility. These are good reasons for making strategic use of Google Places and Google+ within your online marketing plan.

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