Earlier this week, we blogged about the importance of Google+ in any company’s online marketing strategy. If you missed it, read it here: Warning: Ignore Google+ at Your Peril.

Google+ is essential for search engine optimization (SEO) and should not be ignored.

You must relentlessly post fresh, compelling content on Google+ if you hope to engage an audience and send positive social signals to Google. However, you may not know the best types of content to post on Google+ to get the response you want.

Yesterday’s article from Social Media Examiner discusses 8 types of rich media you can provide on Google+ to maximize the reach and engagement of what you share:

1.       YouTube Videos

2.       GIFs and Cinemagraphs

3.       Auto Awesome Photos

4.       Google+ Stories

5.       Audio

6.       Images and Infographics

7.       Rich Link Shares

8.       Live Streaming Video


We encourage you to check out the Social Media Examiner article, which provides great descriptions of these types of rich media and how to best use them.

Remember, not all types of content are right for every type of business or every situation. You must be strategic and determine what you want to accomplish when you post on social media. Are you trying to increase engagement? Garner Likes or Followers? Drive leads to your website? Answer customers’ questions?

Each piece of content you share should have a purpose. These rich media options on Google+ will help you get your message out in the most effective way, but it starts with strategy.

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