Analytics is critical to online marketing success; a recent Forbes article has pegged 2014 as the year of digital marketing analytics.

Once a web site is built, or social networks are put in place, the work has just begun. On-going analysis of results, and refinement of tactics based on this insight, is what drives return on investment.

Online marketing analysts specialize in the collection and analysis of online data. They must think strategically and stay focused on business results. An analyst ultimately makes informed recommendations as to areas of priority and adjustments to online marketing efforts.

Online data collection and analysis is an area where many companies fall short. Some businesses have installed Google Analytics on their existing site, but they don’t understand the wealth of data it provides or how to analyze it.

If you are committed to optimizing your online marketing presence, then you must use analytics data to drive your SEO, advertising, and content development efforts. Companies that take action on this insight can gain a significant competitive advantage.

Online marketing analysts track various types of data:

  • Visits to your website
  • Time spent on your site
  • Bounce rates
  • Email newsletter subscribers
  • Email open rates
  • Followers and engagement on social media
  • High click areas on your site
  • Online advertising effectiveness
  • Conversion rates
  • Buying cycle progress

One of the biggest challenges with analytics is determining what data is worth collecting and analyzing. You need to create an analytics program that defines metrics, identifies data collection tools, and defines reporting.

In order to improve online marketing results, you must commit to establishing an online marketing analyst role. Your business must be analytics driven in order to achieve online marketing success.

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