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Attend Our Online Marketing Seminar

Free Seminar for Business Owners and Executives

Online Marketing Seminar Banner Core Online Marketing offers complimentary seminars for business owners and executives who want to know how to exploit online marketing to drive sustainable revenue growth.

The two-hour seminar, held from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM at the Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville, demystifies online marketing, and provides valuable insight.

Topics covered include:

  • Why Online Marketing is Critical to Your Success
  • Principles, Fundamentals and Best Practices
  • Generating Inbound Leads
  • Nurturing Prospects and Closing Sales
  • Tracking Results and Optimizing ROI
  • Developing an Online Marketing Plan
  • How to Get Started¬†with Online Marketing

We encourage you to join us if you want to assess whether online marketing will benefit your business and, if so, to discover the keys to success.

"I would highly recommend this seminar for anyone who is concerned about the necessity of online marketing and wants to get an overview of how it works, what it involves, available tools, and great examples. Even a technical guy like me (I am a software consultant who helps customers with their Customer Relationship Management software) took a lot of great info away from it."

Len Kamerman
Hero Technical Solutions Inc.

"You guys genuinely know your stuff, you're not just reciting textbook facts. This seminar brings all of the questions I had about things like seo and social media together and answers them."

Josh Hopkins
G.F. Thompson Co. Ltd.

"This seminar provides you with a 10,000 feet view of the tools that are out there and how they may assist you in marketing your business. It can be daunting when you don't know where to begin, but this seminar made things much more approachable and provided guidance for small to medium sized business."

Liann Cragg
Newhouse Rusin

"Excellent introduction for someone like me with little knowledge of online marketing."

Don Hilton
Cassis Capital Corp.

"Seminar on Core Marketing Strategies guides professionals into the future of Marketing. The road map they advocate, is broad in execution details as well as precise in its marketing content. Professionals at the above average levels of production would be in safe hands using their multifaceted, consistent and innovative approach. They are dedicated to excellence and deserve your attention."

Atal Prakash
Tax Reduction Strategies

"Ben and Aby (Core Marketing) have once again shown strong leadership by example in the Marketing field by developing this effective seminar for unraveling the mysteries of online marketing. Like their previous "Marketing 101" executive seminar they have willingly shared information that will be very helpful to business leaders answering the critical question of "what is it and where do I begin?"

Mike Provins
The Prosult Group Inc.

"Every small to medium business owner would benefit from Core Marketing's Online Marketing seminar. It begins with sound, realistic advice to create a strategic road map and also offers valuable information to save you time and money in implementing your plan. It's a great reminder to stay focused and chip away at your efforts."

Melissa Macdonald
A & A Contract Customs Brokers Ltd.

"It clearly explained the importance of a web presence and the steps to achieve and maintain it."

Josh Overington

"Provides a basis and doesn't overwhelm someone new to online marketing but also provides more in-depth guidance to companies who have begun the journey"

Joanne Scattolon
The Oakville Chamber of Commerce

"I noticed a lot of gray hair in the audience (mine included) and it appears that we are the group that is going to be left behind with the on-line world as we have managed to get ourselves into the mature stage of our lives and businesses without it. If we intend to continue our businesses we absolutely must embrace it!"

Keith Burnwell

"I would recommend this seminar to any of my connections that were struggling with their on line marketing."

Mike Kayo

"It is a complete eye-opener filled with facts and knowledge."

Allie Ochs

"I found it gave a good overview of the most common programs out there."

Michelle Durant
Lioness Creations Floral DesigndiConsult

"I would highly recommend this seminar because it was very helpful to understand the high level issues/challenges/opportunities and because you know the business so well!"

Elaine Collins

"I would recommend this seminar because it provides an overview of opportunities as well as areas for consideration as we venture more fully into this area."

Robin Garrell
Oakville Parent-Child Centre

"The seminar presented Online Marketing in a quick, easy to understand manner. The presentation was broken into bite sized segments that would allow anyone from independent entrepreneur through corporate executive, to walk away with a strategic approach to improving their own online marketing presence and ROI."

Scott Howard
Original Images Program

"It was very informative even after spending the better part of the last 2 months working with social media. Core Marketing Strategies was able to convert social media into an understandable and even more so tappable source of leads, customers and information."

Curtis Lush
Introtel Communications

"This was an excellent, content rich, seminar on social media. I highly recommend it."

Gerald Bramm
Bramm Research

The Core Online Marketing Seminar simplifies the clutter (demystifies) and offers solutions and steps to implementation.

Wally Frainetti
The Acheivement Centre

For anyone starting up a business or who is just getting involved in Online Marketing, the free Core Marketing seminar is a solidly packed, 2 hour session to get you started in the right place. All of the key starting points are discussed and tools are offered to get you going.

Julie Packard

The Online Marketing Seminar was easy to understand and provided an easy to follow, step by step system for non-marketing specialists. It provided me with a very good online marketing framework to apply during the start up phase of my business.

Mariela Carvallo
Streamline Intelligence