6 Online Marketing Building Blocks

The age of digital disruption is rapidly changing the habits of both buyers and businesses – including how they interact with each other.
Based on various studies, today’s typical buying journey has a significant online component – anywhere from 50% to 100% of the decision-making process occurs online.
This means that your prospects are finding and getting familiar with you online (your profile, products, and services), and then deciding whether to contact you, visit your location or make a purchase.
There are many things you can be doing online to gain visibility and credibility. Here are six activities that are foundational to online marketing success.

1. Compelling Content That Will Engage and Convert

Content is still king in the world of online marketing. You need to be dedicated to creating videos, case studies, blogs, infographics and other content that will give potential customers the information they need to make an informed decision, and to compel them to take action (whether that’s contacting you to learn more, purchasing a product, downloading information, etc.).
Keep in mind that it’s about quality, not quantity. Search engines (notably Google) are getting smarter about identifying and prioritizing relevant, comprehensive, and easy-to-digest content.  End users want meaningful content that will help them through their buying journeys.

2. Maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)SEO is the process of attracting organic traffic from search engines like Google by architecting content that will meet the needs of end users.
Think long term with SEO. Effective SEO is about consistently executing a sound content strategy and making refinements based on readily available analytics.

3. Targeted Online Advertising

Online advertising can help your garner early wins, creating immediate spikes in engagement and awareness among prospects:

  • Pay per Click (PPC) is available through search engine providers including Google and Bing. PPC campaigns can be closely watched and adjusted in real time to improve results and conversion.
  • Social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn let you target your ads to specific demographics and communities of interest.
  • Banner advertising involves embedding an ad onto a webpage (industry resources, news sites, etc.). The costs associated with banner ads are relatively low, and their appeal can be wide.

Implementing a strategic online advertising campaign can create valuable “buzz” around your business.

4. Leverage the Power of Social Media

social media cloud graphicToday’s evolving social media landscape gives you more opportunities than ever to connect with your prospective buyers:

  • Share news with dedicated followers to pique their interest.
  • Spread the word about upcoming promotions or events.
  • Let prospects know what customers have to say about you.

It’s important to start by tailoring your social media strategy to fit you target audience, using the right platforms. After you’ve laid the groundwork, use relevant, useful information to engage with your communities of interest.

5. Mobile Experience

Over 50% of all searches now originate on a mobile device. 45% of all mobile searches are goal oriented, while 75% will trigger some kind of follow-up action (whether that’s visiting a physical location, making a call, or completing a purchase).

6. Email to Interact with Prospects and Customers

In today’s digital age, keeping in touch via email means staying top of mind with prospects and customers – putting you at an advantage during the decision making process. Employing effective email marketing helps you boost your credibility, strengthens relationships with prospects, and allows you to maintain an open line of communication to create value before the sale.
These six items are a starting point – but if used strategically will contribute to expanded reach, more opportunities, and ultimately increased revenues.

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