Are you committed to using social media as part of your online marketing strategy?

If you are (and you should be), you shouldn’t just use the same standard message when you share your content across social networking platforms. Each one works differently – and how you post on each should be different too.

A recent article from Social Media Examiner offers best practices information for crafting posts for some of the most widely used social networks.

“Each platform has its own tone and focuses on different aspects of sharing. Some social networks value brevity, while others rely more on images. Some of the tactics overlap, but they may be used differently depending on the network.”

Social MediaTwitter

Because of the 140-character limit, bite-sized Twitter content excels. Craft a brief summary of your content or choose a particularly interesting quote or statistic.


Most people on Facebook are using it for personal reasons, so be casual and conversational on Facebook. Don’t be too ‘salesy’.


LinkedIn is the most professional, business-oriented social media network. As such, make sure your posts are professional, as well as relevant to people in the industry you’re targeting.

Social Media Examiner suggests including something in your post that invites commentary, like a question, to promote discussion.


Google+ (which you need to be present on – especially for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes), emphasizes images even more so than Facebook and now Twitter.

For Google+ posts, make sure you have a high quality, captivating image (or GIF) that complements both your content itself and the text you post with it.


Instagram is entirely about images, so you absolutely must have a great visual to post here. However, the other tactic you need to use on Instagram is hashtags. Hashtags are a big part of Instagram – they help people find your content and they help you participate in larger conversations happening on the network.

Here’s the key take-away: you must customize your messaging to best suit the protocols and audience of each social network.

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