3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Advertise on Facebook

In the digital age, advertising on social networks is a crucial element to any successful online marketing strategy.
Business-focused networks such as LinkedIn offer promotional opportunities; however, it is becoming more important for small- and medium-sized organizations to advertise on Facebook.
Along with having a low cost-per-click rate (running an ad is relatively inexpensive), Facebook is the most widely used social platform – there are more than 900 million daily users.
In Canada, more than half of the population logs onto Facebook each month!
By ignoring this social network, your business loses a valuable opportunity to communicate with your target audiences. Advertising on Facebook is a good way to gain exposure for business development purposes; here are three reasons why your business should advertise on Facebook:

1.     New Product Ads

Facebook released a new ad type in February, 2015 designed to stand out from regular posts and traditional marketing content.
Product ads are simple, but effective. They’re made up of an enticing headline, a collection of attractive images, and accompanying text to encourage users to visit your website. This content is divided into five panels that users can scroll through. A final panel contains an additional link to your website.
These ads are a tool for businesses to promote different products and services in a single, clean format. Most importantly, they work.

2.     Powerful Video Performance

Video is a traditional advertising tool, dating back to television’s inception.
YouTube has been the popular online domain for video since its creation in 2005. With the capability to show ads before videos play, its popularity continues to grow among marketers.
But people are increasingly turning to Facebook for video. The social network averages three billion video views each day, according to an article by Advertising Age. This impressive number is largely the result of users posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did a year ago.
Your audience is receptive to compelling video content. You must include video in your social media and content marketing strategies.

3.     Laser-like Targeting

The time and money you devote to promoting your business online must yield a positive ROI. Therefore, it’s critical that you deliver your advertising to the right audiences.
Facebook gathers a library of information about users that allows for precise targeting. It is based on posts, general activity, profile information, and more.
Advertising on Facebook gives your business the ability to:

  • Define an audience based on purchasing behaviour. Facebook has data about thousands of purchasing behaviours that users demonstrate. If you want to reach a market that has already bought products or services similar to yours, this feature is ideal. For example, if your business sells sports shoes, you can target people who buy athletic apparel.
  • Target an audience undergoing a specific life event. Certain businesses thrive on selling to people experiencing a certain life event. Jewellery stores, for example, benefit by marketing to couples who have an upcoming anniversary. You can target based on any major life event, as people tend to post such information and add it to their profiles. As an example, you can set an ad to appear three, six or twelve months before a life event.
  • Customize a unique target market. “Facebook Custom Audiences” is an advanced feature for creating an audience based on existing contacts. Simply upload your customer email, phone, or website visitor list to Facebook. Consistently delivering ads to these prospects reinforces your brand while potentially increasing traffic to your website.

These powerful and cost-effective advertising tools make Facebook an ideal medium for extending the visibility of your business. This is just another tactic you should consider in a well-developed and executed online marketing strategy.
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