If you are going to put time, money, and effort into creating great videos, you want to make sure they are found and viewed by as many people as possible in your target audience.

Videos are excellent, captivating pieces of content that should be promoted and distributed through multiple channels. They should be posted on your website, on your blog, on your social media networks….. In addition, you may want to take advantage of YouTube advertising as an effective way to spread your message and engage prospects and influencers.

Advertising on YouTube

When you set up your YouTube ads, they can show up in three different ways:

1.       Before Videos

You’ve probably seen it before – a snippet of a video plays before the video you’re about to watch on YouTube.

The advantage of this format is the ability to overlay clickable calls to action (CTAs) on your clip. If you capture someone’s attention fast enough, you can drive them to a landing page, your website, or your full video.

2.       Video Search Results

When someone searches using keywords related to your video, your ad can pop up as one of the first “results” on YouTube.

Just like Google AdWords, this can be a valuable strategy for driving qualified leads. They’re already searching for something related to what you do – they just need to find you.

3.       Beside Videos

While someone watches their chosen video, a feed shows up on the right sidebar of YouTube. It features related videos that they may want to watch.

Your ad can show up at the top of this feed, if the video being watched is related to your keywords.

YouTube Ad Targeting

It’s not enough to just get your video in front of more eyes. It needs to be seen by the right eyes – your target market; potential leads and ideal prospects.

YouTube offers ways to narrow the audience of your ad, which can help ensure you’re not paying for videos being viewed by the wrong people.

Zero in on your ideal audience using targeting tools that allow you to specify location, gender, age, and what they’re interested in.

For example, you can target women aged 18-34 in Toronto who are interested in fitness.

Try It Out!

If you have videos ready to go, get on YouTube and set up an ad that targets your ideal audience.

Once you see the results, you will be able to further refine your ads and capture the attention of the right people through the strategic use of videos.

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