Your Website: Critical to Online Marketing Success

In the early days of the Internet, a website was a “nice to have” and nothing more than an electronic brochure. How things have changed!

Your website is now critical to your online marketing success, and
must be optimized to do a number of things.

Communicate Your “Why”
Your website must clearly communicate your reason for being: WHY you are in business. The site acts as the window into your organization and must effectively position you favourably versus your competition.

Initiate a Value Based Relationship
Your website is where your potential customers are going to check you out. It’s where your first impression is made and your credibility with prospects established.

It must obviously convey a professional image, but in addition must provide visitors with the educational content (decision facilitating information) they require to make an informed decision. If your site does not provide this educational content, you won’t make it to the next step in the buying process.

Deliver Content in Various Formats
Your prospects are accustomed to having content delivered in various formats; blogs, video, images, audio, forums, etc. Don’t limit the way your present yourself strictly to text – use the content delivery format that will tell your story most effectively.

Drive Inbound Leads
Your website must be a lead generation machine. If prospects are searching online for companies like yours, and they don’t find you, it’s a missed opportunity. You must optimize your site, both on-page and off-page, to generate inbound, qualified leads.

Convert Prospects Into Buyers
It’s not enough to just generate leads. Your website must also convert prospects to the next step in the buying process. You must make valuable offers/calls to action prominent, accompanied by well-developed landing pages, in order to achieve the highest possible conversion rates.

Websites have become critical to business success. It’s no longer enough to have a good looking website – it must be structured from the ground up to drive tangible results.

Ben Molfetta
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