Email marketing is a powerful tool within an online marketing infrastructure – yet it rarely gets the credit it deserves. A strong email campaign can nurture leads, influence the buying process, increase close rates, generate repeat sales, and optimize customer retention.

Many organizations worry that email marketing campaigns will crowd consumer inboxes (Myth #1). Or they fear that sending too many emails will have a negative impact on how they are perceived (Myth #5).

The fact is that the strategic use of email can grow your business significantly. Email should be a part of your online marketing plan.

Successful email marketing is based on opt-in lists – these are contacts that have given you permission to send them information.

These potential, past, or recurring customers want to receive updates, promotions or useful information; so send them the compelling, personally relevant information that they want.

The infographic below lists 7 common email marketing myths and explains why these myths shouldn’t hold you back from using email to connect with your opt-in contact base.

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Ben Molfetta