Why Your Business Needs to Think Mobile

Black Friday 2016 was the first ever billion-dollar online shopping day in North America.
With mobile devices like smartphones and tablets driving more of these online searches and sales than ever before, your business needs to be prepared to make the most of the opportunities driven by these devices.
Mobile is especially important for local businesses – over 80% of all “near me” searches come from mobile devices, and over 70% of people who searched for something close visited a business within a day.

3 Must-Do’s to Make Your Business Mobile-Friendly

1. Choose Responsive Website Design

Responsive design means the content on your website (including text, images, buttons, and videos) will be dynamically resized and reorganized so your website will always look the same whether someone is viewing it on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
This approach is preferred by search engines like Google for its adaptability. It’s also simpler to maintain since changes to your website are reflected across all devices.

2. Improve User Experiences for Mobile

Users and search engines both want the same thing: a website they can easily navigate to find the information they need.
You do this by:

  • Keeping calls-to-action clear and concise
  • Streamlining and simplifying menus
  • Making forms easy to see and complete
  • Ensuring users can click on buttons with their fingers

To test your website for user experience, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

3. Make Content Simple to Consume

Mobile users typically have less time and space to work with than their desktop counterparts. Using short paragraphs, bullets and links, and content using various formats such as videos and images, makes content more appealing to mobile users. Making online content simple to consume will produce better results; increased engagement and conversions.
If your website isn’t mobile friendly, now is the time to initiate the required changes. Putting a priority on mobile will help you capitalize on this rapidly growing business opportunity.

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