Why Business Owners and Executives Should Be On Social Media

Social media should be part of any organization’s online marketing mix. The strategic use of social platforms can significantly expand your company’s reach, give you access to new audiences, enhance your credibility, and allow you to engage with prospects and customers.
And yet, according to an article in the Financial Post, “The single most important digital skill CEOs need to learn”, social media is “still an afterthought for many in the c-suite – if it’s given any thought at all”.
Despite the increasing use of social media by all age groups, demographics, and types of buyers (B2B and B2C) business owners and executives have not “bought-in”.
“Social media, used right, can be an executive productivity tool, a global broadcast channel, a source of consumer and competitor intelligence and a public relations vehicle.”
Here are some of the key reasons why you should be active on social media:

Getting Specific, Valuable Insight from Your Prospects and Customers

As per the article, you used to have to set up focus groups to get the kind of detailed, specific insight that you can now gather through social media! If you want to know what prospects and customers are thinking about your company, services or products, you’ll find their unfiltered opinions on various social networks.
Social media provides a rich source of market intelligence: likes/dislikes, new product ideas, ways to improve customer service, competitive intelligence, industry trends, etc.

Building Trust and Credibility

A “faceless corporation” is harder to trust than one whose top level people are visible and willing to engage with their target audience. Conversations with customers over social media can have a positive impact on your company’s reputation.
Remember, people buy from people. They want to know who you are and what you stand for. You can make your company’s beliefs, culture, and reason for existing known through social media.

Lead Generation and Increased Traffic to Your Website

Target prospects on social media are only one click away from your website; this qualified traffic can be converted into inbound leads.
Be strategic and active on the social networks that your prospects prefer. LinkedIn is powerful for B2B, while Facebook is often ideal for B2C. Twitter makes it easy to connect with influencers and join conversations about trending industry topics or events.

Attracting Talent

The article states that 70% of senior professionals believe that posts on social media from company leaders make the company a “more attractive place to work”.

Guiding Your Company through Technological Shifts

The Internet is here to stay, and it’s resulting in huge cultural and technological shifts. It’s certainly changing buying habits, and impacting how we communicate, interact, and connect with others.
These trends are only going to get more pronounced as time goes on. Don’t fight it! All you need is a basic familiarity with how these tools work and how they can be effectively leveraged.
So why aren’t you on social media yet?

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