Your first goal online is to get found by people who are looking for the products or services you sell.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to getting found. If you’re not on the first page of Google results, you’re practically invisible to potential new customers.
Google is changing its algorithms constantly, which has a direct impact on how search engine optimization works. Are you sure your SEO strategy is up-to-date? Using outdated strategies can actually be worse than doing nothing at all when it comes to SEO.
Here are some SEO mistakes you might be making right now:

1.     If You Build It, They Will Come

You’ve built a website, and maybe even set up some rudimentary on-page SEO (page titles, H1s, etc.).
Now it should only be a matter of time until prospects find your site and the revenue starts pouring in.
Not exactly.
Getting noticed on search engines requires a lot more. Firstly, you have to commit to content marketing. That means relentlessly creating fresh, relevant content for your audience – using forums like blogs.
Next, you absolutely must develop a link building strategy. If you can generate good quality (quality is crucial) links back to your website and your content, you will rise up in the search rankings. But getting good inks takes time and effort.

Search Engine Optimization - Core Online Marketing2.     You Believe that SEO Can Be Gamed

Have you heard about certain SEO “tricks” that will make you shoot to the top of the search results page? Maybe hiding some keywords in the background of your site or buying bogus links?
These are known as “black hat” SEO tactics. They may have worked in the past, but once Google realizes how people are gaming their system they put a stop to it – fast.
In fact, if you engage in shady black hat SEO techniques, prepare to be heavily penalized and disappear from the front page permanently if you don’t change your approach.

3.     You Hire an “SEO” Company that Promises Huge Returns in a Short Time

Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is.
All of the SEO tricks that used to get websites on the front page in a short amount of time are for the most part considered to be the black hat techniques we discussed above.
Companies that promise a fast rise to the top of search results are either lying or using ill-advised tactics. If it’s the latter, you should expect your website to fall off the map once Google figures it out and updates the search algorithm.
The only real way to the top is through hard work, consistent content creation and distribution, and quality link building. If your “strictly SEO company” isn’t helping you with this comprehensive approach, they aren’t worth your time and money.

4.     You Hire an SEO Company that Works for Cheap

Like the previous warning, be wary of any company that seems to be offering a lot for a little.
SEO experts have a wealth of specific knowledge and experience in a constantly changing industry. If they are good at what they do, they are forever measuring, analyzing, testing, monitoring, and tweaking your online marketing activities in order to achieve the best results.
When you hire a good online marketing company – not a cheap or fast “SEO company” – you’re hiring a diverse skillset and knowledge base. You’re hiring talented people to give real attention to your website’s needs. You are partnering with people that take a marketing-driven approach.
You can’t get a service like that for cheap.

5.     You Think SEO Doesn’t Matter Anymore (The “SEO Is Dead” Mantra)

A myth has been going around that “SEO is dead”.
That’s simply not true. Instead, SEO has evolved. It’s still critically important to be found when people search. The way to get there is more involved, and requires a multi-faceted approach that relies on intersecting signals, like social media activity, fresh content, quality links, and so on. Lead generation is hard work – so is SEO. But done properly, it drives visibility and new prospects.
The bottom line. Invest in SEO, it’s worth it. Just don’t make these five common SEO mistakes.
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