Are local customers important to your business?

If they are, you can’t afford to miss out on local search opportunities.

When people in your area search for what you do – whether they are gathering information to make a decision while at home or currently on-the-go and ready to make a purchase – you need to show up!

Local search has become increasingly essential as mobile search has skyrocketed. People are searching on their phones and tablets more than ever, which means they may already be close by when they look for a business like yours.

Google has made its local results increasingly valuable to both consumers and businesses. Businesses that appear on local search benefit from being able to showcase more details to local leads.

Local search results yield a list of businesses in the area, with the following information for searchers:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Google reviews (with a 5-star rating system if the business has 5 reviews or more)
  • Link to Google+ page
  • A map with pinpoints for each of the local businesses listed

This information helps draw customers to your door and gives your business a major advantage over competitors who do not appear.

How Do You Improve Your Ranking on Local Search?

MarketingProfs, a company that provides content about modern marketing best practices, has developed a very thorough infographic explaining exactly what you must do to improve your local search engine optimization (SEO).

Rule the Local Results infographic

We admit: it’s a long list. Modern SEO is not easy, but the benefits of doing it well far outweigh the expenditure of time and effort.

If your business depends on a specific geographic region for the majority of your customers, local search is a must.

>> Do you want help ranking in local search results? Contact us and we’ll talk about how to get your business more leads online!

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