4 Ways to Maximize Email Marketing Results [Infographic]

Email marketing, when executed strategically, is a very effective communication vehicle within the online marketing mix.

Many business owners and executives are skeptical about the power of email marketing. However, study after study confirms it is still one of the most effective ways to engage a target audience and drive business results. And due its low cost, email marketing consistently delivers a high return on investment.

A recent infographic from Marketo, a marketing automation software company, does a great job at explaining what businesses must do to optimize their email marketing results.

There are 4 key takeaways described in the infographic:

1. Spend Time on Strategy: The companies who are achieving the best results from their email marketing campaigns are focusing on strategy more than anything else.

2. Test Different Elements: Most email marketers test the effectiveness of different subject lines and messages/content in their emails – but there are a lot of other areas that you can be testing as well!

3. Send at the Right Time: According to data on email open rates, scheduling emails just before noon (lunch time) is usually the best time to get your emails viewed.

4. Mobile Design: Make sure your emails look good on mobile. People are increasingly opening their emails on their mobile devices.

The keys to email marketing success are: approach it strategically and pay attention to the details.

See the infographic below for more information on these four important points!

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Ben Molfetta