Is your business on Google+?

If your answer is “no”, that’s not surprising.

Many businesses, both B2C and B2B, either don’t know about Google+ or have decided that it isn’t worth the effort.

While Google+ may not be the most popular social network, there is one thing that makes it an absolutely essential piece of any online marketing strategy: it is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO).

Google-businessGoogle+ Is For Real

According to experts at a recent Search Engine Watch panel discussion in Denver, Google is heading toward placing more and more weight on social signals for search rankings – this trend started in earnest with the Hummingbird update of 2013.

“If you are not active on Google+, start now. Google gets its purest social signals from Google+, and they can often impact SEO more than Facebook,” says Merry Morud, social advertising director at aimClear.

If you relentlessly post new content on Google+ and actively engage with other users, it will only help your search engine rankings – particularly if you can create an audience for your material.

Beyond the importance of the social signals, having a verified Google+ profile is essential for a myriad of other search factors, from local search to Google Authorship.

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Google continues to place more value on social signals, especially from Google+. If you want your company to rank well online, and ultimately drive more inbound leads, you can’t afford to ignore Google+.

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