5 Real Reasons Why Prospects Aren’t Filling Out Your Web Forms

Converting online searchers into prospects who identify themselves is critical to online marketing success. It’s not enough to simply drive web site traffic – you need to convert!

So, you have created a form on your website for prospects to opt-in to your email database, allowing you to keep in contact with them.

There’s just one problem – no one is signing up. But why?

1. Spam Fear

Your prospects have signed up for forms like yours before. And they’ve received an inbox full of spam for their trouble. Naturally, people have become more wary of filling out these online forms when they don’t know what will be done with their information.

This problem can be mitigated by building trust with a respectable, professional website, providing good content, and creating a relationship with prospects before they even sign up.

In addition to these (very important) steps, you can include a small line under your form that explains they will not be spammed and what their information will be used for.

2. You Didn’t Ask Them

Clear, obvious calls-to-action (CTA) make a big difference. You need to tell your website visitors what you want them to do and what they will get in return.

One case study found that just changing one word of their call-to-action increased conversions by 38.26%. That’s a big difference!

Experiment with different wording to see what works best for your target market.

Try variations of:

– “Click here to sign up.”
– “Stay in touch, sign up to receive emails.”
– “Sign up here to receive our email newsletter.”
– “Get email updates.”
– Try your own!

3. Too Much Work

People do not want to fill out long forms. Any kind of barrier that requires extra steps from the prospect will result in fewer sign ups. You must make opting-in for your email communication as easy as possible. Only ask for the information that you need – sometimes this is as simple as name and email address.

Another concern with asking for too much unnecessary information is that people will be suspicious about why you want it. For example, if you ask for their phone number they may think that you are planning on cold calling them, and consequently choose not to fill it out.

4. Design Troubles

If your form doesn’t stand out on your website, people won’t pay attention to it. Draw attention to it by:

– Using contrasting colours that stand out from the rest of your site
– Making sure it is “above the fold” (on the top half of the site)
– Having a clean design that is easy to look at and uncluttered
– Ensuring it is obvious what information is required
– Having clear error messaging in case the prospect fills something out incorrectly

5. Password Fatigue

We all have a lot of passwords and accounts to remember: work email, personal email, bank code, social media accounts, login for our favourite website, smartphone unlock code, etc. According to an infographic by Janrain, 60% of people have more than 5 unique passwords to remember.

Unless you must, do not require people to create an “account” to receive your email newsletter. Most won’t.

To maximize sign-ups for your opt-in email database, be sure to use these tried and proven tips. Keep it simple, remove barriers, create trust, be clear, and make it easy for visitors to opt-in.

And then watch your conversions numbers go up.

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Ben Molfetta