Tweets in Google Search Results: What You Need to Know

Creating and implementing a social media plan should be a core component of your online marketing strategy. Doing so lets you reach new audiences and interact with them on a personal level.
Strategic social media activity also complements search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. As we approach the second half of 2015, Twitter will be a critical tool for maximizing your search engine rankings.
Google and Twitter have recently agreed to prominently feature tweets – 140-character messages that can contain images, videos, and audio clips – in search results.
As a result of this development, you should ask yourself these three questions:

  • How will Google rank my tweets?
  • How can I leverage this arrangement to enhance my online marketing efforts?
  • What are the potential benefits for my business?

Twitter and Google searchHow Google Will Rank Tweets

What we do know is that Google will build an algorithm that ranks tweets and places certain ones into search results. However, Google never divulges exactly how an algorithm will work, so we don’t know with certainty how tweets will get placed.
Based on known SEO factors, Google will likely measure a tweet’s value based on:

  • Links from credible websites to the tweet
  • Links from credible websites to the user who posted it
  • Users who retweet, favourite, or reply to the tweet

If an influencer – a user who has a large number of followers – performs any of these actions, the odds of the tweet ranking will increase.

What this Means for Your Business

More than ever, you must develop a strong Twitter presence because your tweets will have more power to engage your target audience on both Twitter and Google. If your Twitter content is on the first page of Google results, you get exposure to a significant number of searchers. In other words, your messages will reach people who may have had no idea your organization existed.

How to Capitalize on this Development

You must stand out from competition. Do so by posting unique content that directly appeals to your target audiences.
Here are four Twitter tips to help you achieve this goal:

  1. Post multimedia content. Multimedia tweets are more shareable than text-only ones. Tweets that include pictures earn 35% more retweets, according to research from Twitter.
  1. Determine the best times to tweet. Your target market may be more active during certain points in a day. Adhere to a thorough posting schedule. After a month or two, tweet during the times that earned you the most replies, retweets, and favourites.
  1. Build relationships with influencers by participating in relevant chats. These are real-time conversations about specific topics. Participants mark their tweets with a designated hashtag – a searchable phrase marked by “#” at the beginning. Taking part in one should earn you more followers.
  1. Be interesting. Ever heard the expression “content is king”? Remember this when you tweet. Is your post timely, original, educational, humorous, engaging, relevant, compelling? If not, avoid posting it.

Most importantly, monitor how your tweets rank. Take time to determine what works for your specific target markets. Enhance your approach based on the findings.
The ultimate goal is to place yourself on the first page of Google results as often as possible – thereby maximizing exposure for your business.
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