Online Marketing 101: 21 Point Checklist for Effective Blogging [Infographic]

Ongoing content development is a must for online success. Your target customers are scouring the internet for the latest and greatest information that will help them make informed buying decisions.
Up-to-date content establishes you as an industry authority and increases your credibility.
In addition, search engines assess whether websites are being updated with new content, and this impacts how your site gets ranked for relevant searches.
One of the best vehicles for developing and sharing relevant, valuable content is blogging.
Regardless of whether your content is developed in-house, or outsourced to a third party, you should be familiar with optimal blog structure – so you can ensure that blogs contribute to business results.
The Content Marketing Institute has developed a 21 point blog checklist infographic that offers the insight you need to evaluate your organization’s blogging efforts:
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