Our Approach

A Focus on your buyer’s journey

Transform Your Online Marketing Process

Prospects are increasingly starting their buyer’s journeys online, and this is only going to get more pronounced as they get more accustomed to, and dependent on, using the internet to make purchasing decisions.

Online mechanisms must therefore optimize the buyer’s experience in every phase of their journey.  Those organizations that do the best job of supporting today’s buying process will increase their qualified opportunities, have a healthier sales pipeline, and convert a higher percentage of prospects to customers.


Today’s prospects are going online to do research. They want decision-facilitating information that will help them make an informed decision. Nobody wants to suffer from buyer’s remorse.

It is incumbent upon a business to provide prospects with this information as they move through the digital phase of their buying journey. Providing value-based, online content that  assists prospects, in formats such as web pages, videos, emails, and webinars positions you as a credible option and significantly increases the probability of converting a prospect into a customer.


The ultimate goal is to convert searchers into prospects and prospects into customers. Online tactics must therefore include well-thought out and well-timed conversion tactics.

Information that prospects require in each step of their buying journey must be made available online to move them to “yes” at each decision point.

Conversion is supported through calls to action on websites or social networks with offers such eBooks, white papers, consultations, case studies and time-based promotions.

Post Sales support

A customer base is an extremely valuable asset that is often under-leveraged. Yet most businesses lose contact, and don’t continue to provide value, after the sale.

Online mechanisms can be used to maintain visibility, and a value-based relationship, with existing customers.

On-going communications can include e-surveys to solicit feedback, new product announcements, promotions, industry trends or regulatory issues, or availability of used equipment; whatever is perceived as valuable for the specific customer base.

Online Marketing FRAMEWORK

To support each phase of the buyer’s journey, a combination of content, technologies, and processes must be implemented, in an integrated way, so that online marketing activities work seamlessly together. By taking this holistic approach, friction (unmet expectations) during the prospect’s buying journey is eliminated. 

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