Happy Holidays from Core Online Marketing!

From our team to yours: we wish you all the best for the holiday season, filled with warmth, good cheer and great company!

We wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2020!

Stay Top of Mind for Your Audience Over the Holidays

This time of year, it’s very easy to get lost in the crowd – both in busy shopping centers, and in the overcrowded inbox and social feeds of your audience. So how do you make sure your voice stands out among the rest? Here are a few quick pointers from the team at Core:

Use Your Resources Wisely

Remember that your audience connects with you in many different ways, and that you have a lot of touchpoints that you can use to wish them warm tidings – however they celebrate! So, publish that Happy Holidays blog article, hit send on that Season’s Greetings email, and get socializing with a social post or two while letting your audience know how appreciative you are of their business.

Make Content Matter

When crafting the copy and content for your different communications mediums, remember to make your voice, yours! Your brand voice is unique to your business, so make sure it shines through and is genuine while wishing your readers and audience festive greetings.

Attract Attention with Visuals

Always remember to include visuals with your written content. Videos are an extremely popular media format that audience prefer when consuming content, but images and gifs help to draw the eye in too, and can give your content a branded, visually pleasing aesthetic. Visual content is also easier for the mind to digest quickly, so providing your audience with this content format will increase the chances of you capturing their attention and captivating them with any accompanying written content.

Drive Valuable Discussions

It’s good to keep in mind that any message that gets disseminated out to your audience should be viewed as a conversation starter. Gone are the days of one-way messages and soapbox preaching. Now, audiences and consumers enjoy being engaged by brands in discussion. So, if someone comments on your social post or emails back to thank you for the warm and festive greeting, don’t neglect them by letting your response fall through the cracks. Remember that community management is an important piece of any marketing strategy and that a conversation is always more meaningful – for all parties – than a monologue.

Plan for the Future

Being strategic in your communications is always a step towards success. Now is the perfect time to plan your marketing communications strategy for 2020. Our team would be happy to work with you to ensure that you’ve got a comprehensive goal-oriented strategy and the right tools and technology in place to set you up for success for years to come!

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