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An Online Infrastructure Supports Relentless Execution

Once the plan is completed, an online marketing infrastructure must be put in place to enable the plan. The “Build Phase” entails implementing the processes and technologies identified in the plan so that online tactics can be relentlessly executed and measured. This phase typically take four to twelve weeks to complete.

Build Phase activities can include, but are not limited to, those described below.

Website Development

A website is central to an online marketing infrastructure. Websites must be optimized for search engines, provide the content that searchers expect, and clearly differentiate from competitors. Core develops websites that are optimized for search and conversion.


The key to maximizing online success is to constantly analyze activities and make adjustments necessary to improve results. Core implements analytical tools to effectively track results against the KPI’s identified in the online marketing plan. This is an on-going effort in support of long-term success.

Content Calendar

Content is a critical element within any effective online marketing strategy. A communications calendar ensures that value-based content is planned and consistently executed. Core develops content calendars that satisfy the needs of both search engines and searchers/target prospects.


During the Build Phase, Core develops the content that will be posted on the website and distributed when on-going execution of online activities is initiated; web pages, blogs, emails, infographics, videos, newsletters, case studies, etc. 


Web pages must be optimized for search engine attributes, and Core has significant expertise in optimizing websites for search engines. On-page SEO attributes such as page titles, URLs, headings, content, images, and internal links are properly structured during the Build Phase.

Link Building

Developing high-quality inbound links from credible external sources is critical for search engine ranking success. During the Build Phase, Core confirms the links that will be targeted in ongoing link building efforts. The goal is to strengthen the website’s link profile over time. 

Social Marketing

Social networking platforms are powerful communications tools that increase visibility, reach, and credibility. Core sets-up or updates the social networking platforms, and associated analytics, that are recommended in the online marketing plan.

Online Advertising

Online advertising can be effectively used to drive website traffic, increase online visibility, and generate inbound leads. During the Build Phase, Core sets-up the recommended online advertising campaigns and associated landing pages and analytics.

Email marketing

Marketing automation/email distribution systems enable consistent, on-going communications with prospects and existing customers. Core implement and sets-up the marketing automation or email distribution system recommended in the online marketing plan.

CONTACT Database (crm)

A contact database is required to capture and tag contact information. Core works with its clients to implement CRM technology, clean-up existing databases, segment contacts into logical groups and integrate the CRM with the email distribution system.

Landing Pages

Conversion is a key objective of online marketing efforts. Landing pages that are designed to convert prospects into qualified leads must be developed for each call to action and online ad. Core develops landing pages that are designed to drive conversions.


To maintain a “brand”, templates must have a consistent look and feel. Core develops standardized templates for all online communications formats such as e-newsletters, white papers, PDFs, product specification information, etc.

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