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Relentless Execution is the Key to ONLINE MARKETING Success

Online marketing success requires that the appropriate tactics are relentlessly executed in support of, and to maximize, every phase of the business development process. Core takes full responsibility for on-going execution of online marketing activities, ensuring they work seamlessly together. Activities are closely monitored so the necessary refinements can be made to improve results.

On-going execution activities can include, but are not limited to, those shown below.

Content Development

Central to all online marketing activities is current and compelling content. To be successful online, businesses must commit to becoming content developing organizations. Core develops all online content on behalf of clients (blogs, videos, infographics, white papers, newsletters, etc.).

Content Distribution

Value-based content must be distributed through a variety of channels to get maximum exposure with prospects and influencers. Core manages the distribution of all content including posting blogs to websites, email marketing, posting videos on social platforms, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Prospects are starting their buyer’s journey with online search. Therefore, being in their frame of reference, or as close to the top of search rankings as possible, is imperative. Core manages the necessary day to day “must-do’s” to achieve optimal rankings for targeted keywords.

Social marketing Management

Social networks are powerful communications tools that increase brand awareness and drive website traffic and inbound leads. Consistent activity is key. Core executes social marketing tactics that creates visibility, and encourages engagement with prospective customers and influencers.

Lead Nurturing, Conversion, and Post Sales

Generating leads is crucial, but leads must be turned into customers. Once customers are secured, a value-based relationship must be continued after the sale. Core works with its clients to execute and optimize lead nurturing, conversion, and post-sales processes and mechanisms.

Online Advertising

There are numerous online marketing advertising vehicles  that increase awareness, drive website traffic and complement other online activities. Core pro-actively managers the recommended online advertising campaigns and associated budget, with the goal of maximizing ROI.

Analytics and Monitoring

Online success requires an understanding of how tactics are performing, both good and bad. Based on this insight,  adjustments are made to improve results. Core’s analysts continually monitor analytics data and use this insight to drive decision-making.

Reporting and Review

There is a significant amount of data readily available about online activities. This data must be presented in a format that makes sense to business owners. Core develops and presents analytics reports to its clients on a scheduled, monthly basis. This ensures transparency and collaboration.

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