Building Your Online Marketing Infrastructure

A Strong Foundation to Support Business Objectives

Core Online Marketing takes full responsibility for building your digital marketing infrastructure – implementing online technologies, tools, and processes that maximize business results.

This is the foundation on which all online marketing activities will be executed and measured for effectiveness. This phase typically takes one to three months to complete, depending on the amount of work required.


A website is at the center of the online marketing infrastructure. Sites must be structured to align with search queries, and to provide content that encourages prospects to take a next step in the buying process.

We build websites that drive optimal business results: getting found by search engines, driving site traffic, providing the right content for conversion, and eliminating friction in the sales process.


The key to maximizing online success is to constantly analyze results and make necessary adjustments to tactics. The good news about online marketing is that the data is readily available, in virtually real-time.

To access this valuable insight, the appropriate analytics tools must be set up. We work with our clients to identify the required metrics (KPI’s), and to implement analytical tools to effectively track results.

Content Calendar

Content is at the heart of any effective online marketing strategy. A content calendar is required to ensure value-based content is consistently developed and distributed, and that topics are in line with the interests of prospects.

We work with clients to develop a content calendar that ensures consistent development and distribution of value-based content that satisfies the needs of both search engines and searchers.


Content is at the heart of online marketing. Relevant, value-based content that helps prospects make informed decisions, and that clearly distinguishes from competitors, must be consistently developed.

During the build phase, Core develops all content that is required prior to launch of the on-going online activities; website content, blogs, emails, infographics, videos, newsletters, etc.

On-page SEO

Websites must be optimized for search engine attributes in order to have a fighting chance of showing up when searchers do queries. There is a method to the madness when it comes to ranking for targeted search terms.

We have significant expertise in optimizing websites for search engines. During the build phase, we perform required on-page SEO activities such as optimizing page titles, URLs, headings, content, images, and internal links.

Link Building

Developing high-quality inbound links from credible external sources is critical to moving up the search engine rankings. The search engines place much more weight on a site’s link profile than they do on the on-page attributes.

During the build phase, we confirm the links that will be targeted in “Phase 1” of link building. This typically entails going after the easier links (low-hanging fruit) to start developing the link profile.

Social Media

Social networking is an important element within the online marketing mix. These powerful communications tools increase visibility, reach, and credibility. It must be done with a purpose, targeting specific outcomes.

We perform proper setup and branding of the social networking platforms that we recommended in the online marketing plan. Social networking activity is then initiated to build the online presence.

Online/Social Advertising

Online/social advertising can be effectively used to drive website traffic, increase online visibility, and to generate inbound leads. The appropriate advertising vehicles must be used and tested for effectiveness.

During the build phase, we set up up the recommended online/social advertising campaigns and associated landing pages, for example: Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Re-Marketing, Banner Ads, etc.

Marketing Automation/Email Distribution

Marketing automation/email distribution systems are part of the online marketing infrastructure. These technologies make ongoing communications with prospects and existing customers simple and consistent.

We implement marketing automation or email distribution systems. In these systems, we set up triggers and follow-up sequences for lead nurturing and post-sales activities.


Database marketing is a key element of an online marketing strategy. Databases should include contact information/insight about customers, prospects, partners, and influencers.

We work with clients to clean up existing databases and segment contacts into various groupings. Contacts are then tagged based on status or preferences so we can execute targeted communications strategies.

Landing Pages

Conversion is a key objective of online marketing efforts. Landing pages that are designed to convert prospects into qualified leads must be developed for each call to action and online/social ad.

We identify and design the landing pages required to drive conversions. These pages are developed in conjunction with the calls to action and the online/social advertising campaigns.


Online content should be made available in different formats, depending on where the prospect is in the buying process. In order to maintain a consistent “brand”, templates should have a consistent look and feel.

We build standardized templates for communications, such as e-newsletters, blogs, white papers, PDFs, product specification information, and eBooks.

What's Next?

Once the online marketing infrastructure is built, the next step is to relentlessly execute the right online marketing activities. Learn about our Execution Services.