Online Marketing Plan

A Strategic Online Marketing Plan Is a Critical First Step

Digital marketing must be executed strategically to drive tangible business results over the long-term; you will waste time and money without a well-researched and thoughtful approach.

Core Online Marketing develops strategic Online Marketing Plans that determine how to make the best use of online marketing mechanisms to optimize all phases of the business development process. This includes lead generation/driving inbound leads, lead nurturing, conversion and optimizing post- sales relationships.

Plans take four weeks of elapsed time to complete, and consist of three elements: Situation Analysis, Online Marketing Recommendations, and Online Marketing Execution Plan.

1. Situation Analysis

The situation analysis is the investigation and research phase during which we gather insight about the client’s business objectives, current online activities, buyer behaviour, and the competitive landscape. Information gathered during the Situation Analysis Phase includes:

  • Confirm client’s business goals and online marketing objectives.
  • Identify the target customer segments, their informational requirements, their circles of influence, and the typical buying process.
  • Detailed keyword analysis to determine how potential customers are searching and the associated volumes of search (market opportunity).
  • Evaluate the client’s current website and online activities.
  • Competitive analysis – determine which competitors are ranking for target keywords, evaluate competitive websites, online presence, and activities.

2. Online Marketing Recommendations 

Based on the insight from the Situation Analysis, we develop a comprehensive set of online marketing recommendations that are aligned with the stated business objectives. Recommendations include:

  • Content strategy and formats, as well as positioning strategy to distinguish from competitors.
  • A detailed set of wireframes – recommended website structure and elements for each page to optimize search and conversion.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) recommendations – on-page and off-page.
  • Social media strategy – recommended platforms and social activity.
  • Recommended online advertising activities (if appropriate).
  • How online marketing activities should support the end-to-end Business Development Process – lead generation, lead nurturing, conversion, post sales, etc.
  • Analytics – which tools should be employed and what metrics should be monitored.

3. Online Marketing Execution Plan


A detailed list of items in priority sequence (e.g. website restructuring, social network creation, set up email distribution system, implement analytics, etc.), that must be implemented to build an optimized digital marketing infrastructure.

Content Calendar

A twelve month view of ongoing online marketing communications activities: blogging, social networking, email marketing, video development and distribution, etc.

Online Marketing Budget

A twelve month, line item budget to implement the roadmap and to execute ongoing activities.

What’s Next?

Once the plan is developed, the next step is to build the recommended online marketing infrastructure. Learn about our Build Services.