Frequently Asked Questions

Questions We’re Asked All the Time about Online Marketing

When we use the term online marketing, we are referring to the use of any electronic means to optimize the business development process.

This includes lead generation, lead nurturing, conversion, and post-sales relationships. Our approach is to work with clients to implement online tools and processes that maximize performance in each phase of the buying cycle.

We are not a “web development” or “SEO company”, although we do these things and do them well. We are business development strategists first and foremost with significant expertise in how to use online technologies to drive business results: increased awareness, leads, differentiation from competition, conversion/close rates, and enhanced value for existing customers.

We do this by developing an Online Marketing Plan first – before we start investing in online tactics. The plan is designed to identify the right tools, content, and processes that will ensure we achieve the desired business results.

One of the biggest challenges with online marketing is to continually develop and disseminate valuable content. Ultimately, online marketing is all about content.

We employ full-time writers who are experts at developing content that is compelling and aligned with what prospects require to make informed decisions. The content is also optimized for search engines.

Our writers work with our clients so that they understand the “lingo” and tone required. All content is vetted by clients before it is distributed. We work from a jointly developed content calendar so that both Core and its clients know what content will be published and when.

There is definitely a learning phase, during which our writers are learning about the industry and our clients’ preferences. We strive to make it as least onerous as possible, and we normally achieve this once we get into a good routine – typically one to three months after we start working with a new client.

We certainly don’t have a crystal ball, so there is no precise answer to this question. Generating consistent results will depend on a number of factors such as the competitive environment, buyer behaviour, and your current online activities.

However, our experience is that you should start to see tangible results six months after you get started, and consistent results after twelve months.

In general terms, we tell people that you should expect to break-even in year one, and to get a steady increase in ROI over time; if you commit to doing the right things, day in and day out over the long-term.

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We have developed our model so that small and mid-sized businesses do not have to look for multiple third party sources to develop or manage online marketing mechanisms and activities.

We develop and set up everything required within the online marketing infrastructure: websites, social networks, email distribution systems, calls to action, videos, etc.

We then execute all day-to-day online marketing activities on behalf of our clients: search engine optimization, online/social advertising, content development (e.g. blogs, emails), email marketing, social media management, and anything else required to drive results.

In effect we become an organization’s single source online marketing team. We assign an account manager who is responsible for day-to-day interaction with clients, along with a content developer, social media manager, and analyst, to each of our clients. This team is responsible for making sure our clients get tangible results – inbound leads and increased conversion rates – from their investments in online marketing.

The first decision a business must make about working with us is whether they are prepared to add a full-time equivalent to their headcount. If so, we provide a ready-made team for the cost of one full-time person.

We work on a monthly management fee basis. Our monthly management fee ranges from $2,500 to $7,500, depending on the amount of work required and the complexity of the situation.

We work on a month to month basis and don’t ask for a commitment beyond a month. We believe we should continuously earn our keep; if we’re not doing what we’re supposed to do, you can just get rid of us.

This model means we have shared objectives with our clients; your success means our success.