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Optimizing the Business Development Process

The ultimate goal of online marketing is to optimize your business development process to increase visibility, inbound leads and conversion rates.

We break down the business development process into four distinct phases:

  • Getting Found
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Conversion
  • Post Sales

Online marketing provides a powerful source of inbound leads. When prospects are searching online for what you sell, they must find you. If not, it’s a lost opportunity. Even worse, that qualified prospect who is looking for what you sell, has now found your competition.

Just because a prospect has expressed interest, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy now. Many prospects are in the ‘investigator phase” of the buying process – trying to determine how to make the best possible decision. During this phase, you have a golden opportunity to establish credibility and authority with prospects by using online tools to engage in value based conversations.

You must continually convert prospects to the next step in the buying process. Making a sale is a series of “getting to yes”. When a prospect finds you online, they must be compelled to proceed to the next step in your process. The key to online conversion is to use effective calls to action that provides prospects with precisely the information or offer they are looking for at that point in the decision making process.

Most businesses do not fully leverage one of their most important assets – their customer base. The post sales process defines everything that should be done – in a systemized and consistent way – to optimize the relationship with existing customers. Using online tools is a very effective, and practical, way to stay engaged with your existing customer base so you not only retain them, but also secure additional business.