Online Marketing Planning

A Strategic Online Marketing Plan Is a Critical First Step For Success

Jumping in with both feet and getting started with online marketing is commendable, but this approach usually doesn’t work.

Online activities must be rooted in clearly defined business objectives, and must work seamlessly together to have maximum impact.

You Need a Plan!

This is why a well-thought out, strategic online marketing plan is a critical first step. The key elements of a comprehensive plan are:

  • Define Business Goals and Online Marketing Objectives
  • Identify Target Segments; their informational requirements and circles of influence
  • Detailed Keyword Research; to determine how potential customers are searching
  • Competitive analysis; who is ranking for keywords, overall online presence and activities
  • Content Strategy
  • Positioning Strategy; to distinguish from competitors
  • Website Structure to optimize for search and conversion
  • Search Engine Optimization tactics; on-page and off-page
  • Social Media Strategy; recommended platforms and social activity
  • Online Advertising
  • Lead generation, lead nurturing, conversion and post-sales strategies
  • Analytics; tools and metrics
  • Roadmap; to roll-out an effective online marketing strategy
  • Communications Plan/Content Calendar
  • Online Marketing Budget

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