Reporting and Review

Core’s services model is predicated on on-going collaboration with its clients. Core can only be successful, and retain its clients over the long-term, if there is open and transparent dialogue about results.

Core’s approach is business oriented; our job is to help our clients achieve revenue growth through the strategic use of online technology. Therefore, providing insight and recommendations for improvement are essential, and this information must be communicated in such a way that it makes sense for clients. Just as importantly, this allows clients to give their perspective to ensure that we are in lockstep.

Core Online Marketing Reporting and Review

Core generates and reviews detailed reports with its clients on a scheduled, monthly basis. This ensures transparency and collaboration. The monthly review meetings are intended to ensure that business objectives are being met, and if not, that the appropriate corrective measures are being put in place.

These meetings are also an opportunity for clients to discuss emerging priorities and the areas in which it wants Core to focus its execution activities.

By having these reviews on a consistent, monthly basis, Core never gets disconnected from its clients, and therefore focuses all its efforts on activities that will drive the best possible results.