Online/Social Advertising

Online advertising complements other online activities, and can be especially beneficial while search engine optimization efforts are initially being undertaken. Online advertising analytics provide valuable insight to improve overall performance and results.

Different advertising approaches are appropriate for different business situations; selecting the right approach is key. Three distinct online advertising opportunities are:


1.    Pay per Click (PPC)

Pay per click is a type of advertising available through search engine providers such as Google (Google Adwords) and Bing/Yahoo (AdCenter).

The strengths of pay per click advertising are results can be closely monitored, and budgets can be adjusted in real-time based on how the advertising campaign is performing. Well developed pay per click campaigns with compelling landing pages will increase the conversion of inbound leads.

2.    Advertising on Social Networks

Advertising on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn allows advertisers to take advantage of demographic information to target specific communities of interest.

The strength of social networking advertising is that it can be targeted to precise demographics, and will only be seen by those who fit the specific profile.

3.    Banner Advertising

A banner ad is a form of advertising that entails embedding an advertisement onto a web page – typically on a frequently visited site such as a news site. Banner ads drive traffic to the advertiser’s website.

The strengths of banner ads are they are relatively low cost, and can be viewed by a very large audience depending on the popularity of the site on which the ad is displayed.

Core Online Marketing Online Advertising Management

Core manages all online advertising activities on behalf of its clients, including campaign setup, management, analysis, and optimization, regardless of the advertising vehicle; Pay per Click, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter advertising, etc. We utilize the approach(es) that are best suited to each of our clients.