Lead Nurturing, Conversion, and Post Sales

Once leads are generated, they must be nurtured and converted.

Some prospects are not ready to “buy now”; they may simply be investigating a purchase they intend to make in the future. At this stage they are performing research and are in the investigative phase of the buying process.

The best way to increase close rates, and shorten sales cycles, is to educate prospects during the investigation phase. In so doing, they will look upon an organization favourably when they become “now buyers”.

Therefore, the need to provide premium and authoritative content, at precisely the right moment in the buying process, is more crucial than ever.

Effective lead nurturing requires thoughtful, strategic planning and execution. But it’s well worth it; when done properly, a higher percentage of leads will close or convert. And a small percentage increase in close rates has a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line.

Lead nurturing tools can include offers/calls to action, landing pages, and email distribution systems. By using marketing automation technology, lead nurturing processes can be effectively executed and tracked for results.

Core Online Marketing Support for Lead Nurturing, Conversion and Post Sales Activities

Core implements lead nurturing and conversion strategies using appropriate online processes and technologies, analyzes the results, and makes the necessary refinements to maximize business outcomes.