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Core Online Marketing and Focus Announce a Strategic Partnership

Core Online Marketing and Focus are pleased to announce their new strategic partnership!

Focus’ sales management and CRM services perfectly complement Core’s online marketing and lead generation services, the combination of which enables them to provide a complete, end-to-end solution for marketing and sales support for small and mid-sized businesses.

Each company acts as an outsourced partner for their respective clients, and together they are able to offer companies affordable and comprehensive help in meeting the challenges of generating quality leads, capitalizing on sales opportunities, and ultimately growing the business.

After working collaboratively with a number of clients, Core and Focus have developed the utmost confidence in the other’s capabilities and expertise. The synergy between their services naturally led to this strategic partnership, which provides the too-often-missing link between the marketing and sales functions.

According to Ben Molfetta, Core’s Co-Founder, “Generating leads through effective marketing is critical – but closing those leads is equally as critical.

 In situations where our clients need help with refining their sales processes, managing sales people or their CRM (Salesforce), we call on Focus.

“Focus is an extremely valuable resource for companies that need help with their sales management practices. They bring a unique capability and business model that has a direct impact on sales performance for small and mid-sized businesses.”

Darren Rabie, President and Founder of Focus, states, “When we have clients that don’t have a well-oiled lead generation machine, we call on Core to address this issue.

With this announcement, Core Online Marketing is our exclusive partner for outsourced online marketing services. Their strategic, business-oriented approach is precisely aligned with the way that Focus works with its clients.

By putting Focus and Core together, we address all elements of the marketing and sales continuum.”

Core and Focus hold complimentary workshop events that are open to any entrepreneur or business executive; “How to Drive an Effective Online Presence and Have a Sustainable, Measurable Sales Organization”. Click here to find out when the next one will be held!

For more information about Core, Focus, or this partnership, contact:

Core Online Marketing is an outsourced online marketing company with expertise in online lead generation, content creation, email automation, and much more! Contact us now.

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Ben Molfetta

About Ben Molfetta

I co-founded Core Online Marketing (formerly Core Marketing Strategies) after more than twenty years of marketing, sales and general management experience in a large corporate environment and with start-up technology companies. I use my expertise in business and marketing strategy development to assist small and mid-sized businesses grow through effective use of online marketing.