Introduction to Online Marketing [Slideshow]

The buying process is fundamentally changing. Whether you are a B2C or B2B company, people are searching online to find businesses that offer what you sell.

As a result, a strong online presence is becoming an increasingly essential component of every organization’s marketing strategy.

At Core’s online marketing seminar, which we hold monthly in Oakville, Ontario, we describe the basic elements within an effective online approach. We discuss how to be found by searchers to drive inbound leads, educating and nurturing those qualified leads, optimizing conversion rates, and engaging in valuable post sales interactions.

We provide an online marketing framework, and explain how to successfully implement an online infrastructure based on five crucial building blocks.

The 5 Crucial Building Blocks for Online Marketing Success

1. Search Engine Optimization/Online Advertising
2. Content
3. Social Media
4. Marketing Automation/Email Marketing
5. Analytics

There are many different tools and methods available to implement these building blocks. See our slideshow presentation below to learn more.

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